A group of banks that acts jointly, on a temporary basis, to loan money in a bank credit (syndicated credit) or to underwrite a new issue of bonds. The New York Times Financial Glossary

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I. syndicate syn‧di‧cate 1 [ˈsɪndkt] noun [countable]
FINANCE a group of people or companies that work together to achieve a particular aim; = PARTNERSHIP:

• a banking syndicate led by the Hong Kong Bank of Australia

• The publishing group has bought a 45% stake, joining the company's shareholder syndicate.

ˈLloyd's ˌsyndicate INSURANCE
a group of Names (= members) at Lloyd's that provides insurance against particular risks:

• Despite losses related to its involvement with a Lloyd's syndicate, the company reported a 70% rise in pre-tax profits.

ˈloan ˌsyndicate BANKING
a group of banks that act together to provide a particular loan:

• Finance for the project was provided by a loan syndicate.

ˈunderwriting ˌsyndicate FINANCE
a group of financial institutions that work together to issue (= make available and sell) shares, bonds etc, and agree to buy any that they do not sell to investors:

• The offering is being made through an underwriting syndicate.

  [m0] II. syndicate syn‧di‧cate 2 [ˈsɪndkeɪt] verb [transitive]
1. FINANCE if a company, especially a bank or insurance company, syndicates a loan, debt etc, it provides the loan, debt etc with a group of other companies:
syndicate something to

• Some of the largest loans were syndicated to smaller creditors.

2. to arrange for articles, photographs, or radio or television programmes to be sold to severa; newspapers, television stations etc:
syndicate be syndicated

• The broadcasting station asked him to put together a talk show that could be syndicated nationally.

— syndicated adjective [only before a noun] :

• The sale proceeds will be used to help the firm renegotiate its syndicated debts.

• Most stations will seek to fill the 60 minutes with syndicated programming.

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   A group of institutions responsible for issuing debt. A syndicate is formed to share the risk of an issue and split it into manageable amounts.

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syndicate UK US /ˈsɪndɪkət/ noun [C] FINANCE
a group of people or organizations who join together to share the financial risk involved in achieving something: »

A syndicate of banks is financing the deal.


a banking/property syndicate

See also LLOYD'S SYNDICATE(Cf. ↑Lloyd's syndicate), LOAN SYNDICATE(Cf. ↑loan syndicate), UNDERWRITING SYNDICATE(Cf. ↑underwriting syndicate)
syndicate UK US /ˈsɪndɪkeɪt/ verb [T]
FINANCE to provide or manage a large loan together with other financial organizations who share the risk: »

The bank was prepared to lend as much as $5.75 billion, though it would syndicate the debt.

COMMERCE, COMMUNICATIONS to sell television programmes, newspaper articles, etc. to companies around the world: syndicate sth to sb »

The Oscars ceremony is syndicated to broadcasters worldwide.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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